Catting Around

This cat has been hanging around the place lately. We think she probably came from our neighbor’s house since they have a pretty regular supply of farm cats. Bryon actually caught her in the steel trap we set during the summer to catch the raccoons. Her foot was pretty sore, but he released her and we didn’t think we’d probably ever see her again.

We never did catch any raccoons.

Then a couple of weeks ago, she decided to make friends. I knew a cat had been eating the leftovers out of the compost pile because one had scrammed out of there more than once. She about scared me to death in the dark when I walked out to dump stuff.

She got trapped in the barn for a couple of days. I guess she’d gone in there while the door was up and we didn’t know it. No harm down though. Hopefully she ate a bunch of mice while she was in there.

Belle has been playing with her and Grace has taken a special liking to her. She named her Violet. So, we’ve been feeding her and she purrs and rubs up against us and begs for more.

I guess if she hangs around another week or so, I’ll load her up and take her to the vet and get her fixed. We don’t need eight million cats around here and I know that’s what is bond to happen. I just worry that as soon as I get her fixed she’ll get chowed on by a coyote or crawl up under our car. One wild cat did that not too long ago and we found it dead on the driveway.

I guess I’ve wasted fifty bucks on dumber things though.

Pansy was supposed to be an outside barn cat. That was the ploy I used to get her anyway. Then she was sick as soon as I brought her home from the pound and she’s never been outside in her entire eight years. She is the best cat in the universe too.

Now if she’d just learn to get along with Belle instead of hissing and spitting at her all the time, life in the Medley house would be a little quieter.

I’m not holding my breath.


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