Help Support a Starving Artist

One of my new friends in ORA has self-published two short stories and a longer ebook on Smashwords. If you haven’t checked out Smashwords it’s a very cool site and a great way to fill up that eReader you got for Christmas with some great stuff at a very reasonable price. Smashwords is sort of the Fair Trade of Writers. Lots of writers self-publish on the site and they make about half of whatever you are paying from what I understand.

So help support some folks who have put a lot of heart, soul and late nights into their work and maybe you’ll discover a great writer along the way.

Here are the links to Allison Merritt’s works. Enjoy!

Clear As Mud – short story (6 pages)

One Day in D.C. longer short story (20 pages)

Return – short story (8-10 pages?)

She also let me beta read her cool new steam punk novel called The Treasure Hunter’s Lady and it is AWESOME! She’ll have it available in February so stay tuned.


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