Niangua Groove

We’re back, back in the Niangua Groove. It’s not quite the same as Ace Freley’s New York Grove, but it’s what we do out here in the Big Cedars.

The car is cleaned out and ready for work, breakfast muffins are made and frozen, ready to heat up for two weeks worth of traveling morning meals. The clothes are washed and I’m ready to go back to work. Well, mostly.

Getting up in the morning at 6 or 6:30 am in the dark is the hardest part I think. I sure do like sleeping in late, but I’ve had a good long run and I think I’m actually ready to face a new year. Bryon goes back to work tomorrow and Grace goes back to school. One thing about life is if you don’t like change, you are not going to fare very well because things change constantly.

Garrett sights in his rifle for youth hunting next weekend. He hit it right on four our of six times.
Shooting clay pigeons.

We had a really fun New Year’s Eve with three families of friends coming over. One family spent the night. We shot guns down Bryon’s shooting range, then rode out to the field to shoot clay pigeons (I’m pretty sure I was the winner, but I do have a honking bruise on my shoulder for a trophy). We rode four wheelers, played Just Dance II on the Wii and ate and drank.

Watching the Green Lantern in 3D.
Hanging out.
Cats playing poker.

Why we don’t do these things more often, I have no idea but we sure had a good time. So good in fact that I forgot to close the gate to the chicken coop and sometime in the night, two of my new Buff Orpington hens got killed. It was a bummer. The chickens have been VERY reluctant to go to roost in the hen house the past two nights and I’ve had to carry three of them back in there.

I actually thought I’d lost another one yesterday sometime because I only had six in the hen house (two of which I had to take there) and I knew I’d seen seven earlier in the day. Thankfully Bryon found her in the garage this morning. She had hidden herself very well.

So now that leaves me with six hens and a rooster. None of them are laying yet. The old ones molted and quit laying a couple of months ago and the new ones (only two now) should start in February or March. I have had the light on out in the coop and the heat lamp is on for them tonight since it’s so cold so that might spark the old ones back up. I’ve been buying organic eggs from the store but they sure aren’t the same.

I hope they resolve to lay more eggs in the new year. 


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