Clean Slate

Well it’s all over and done with … Christmas, 2011… out with the old and in with the new. I’ve been taking the week between Christmas and New Years off since Grace was born. This year, I thought I might not burn that many vacation days but once again decided to do it.

On the one hand, it’s great being home and getting all of the Christmas stuff that I enjoyed so much BEFORE Christmas down and put away. The minute the gifts are opened and everyone goes home, I’m over it. I want things clean and organized.

I stayed up late the past several nights getting things put away and doing the little and big tasks that had been getting put off while I was working. I revamped the Girl Cave and moved ALL of Grace’s stuff to her playroom. She’s already been in there more ‘working’.

Moved the day/trundle bed to the playroom.
Girl Cave Redo

I moved the futon to my Girl Cave and bought a book case. I’m going to buy a better and much larger one to put on the wall behind the closet door.

Futon and  a book case!
Optimistic exercise equipment

With the futon out of the way, the exercise equipment beacons. I even dusted it off. Maybe this will be the year? Lord knows we need it.

The dog sleeps alone.

And the dog got relocated. Bryon has had to get up with her every few hours to let her outside since we got her. She doesn’t NEED to go outside that much, she just WANTS to go outside. She goes out there an lays in the grass in the middle of the night. Uh, No. Now she sleeps outside in her dogloo. If it gets super cold she can sleep in her crate. She likes the crate so it’s not really the hardship it sounds like. AND we can all sleep better now. It makes me want to beat her a little less.

I have LOTS of goals for 2012. I’ve written them all down. The problem, as always, is in the IMPLEMENTATION of those goals. I’m all ideas. I just need more minion to do my bidding so I can follow through. I didn’t make any resolutions last year. My number one resolution for 2012 is to finish this novel. I’m at 61,409 words as of last night. I need 18,591 more to reach 80,000 and then I can pursue publication. I’m not even going to try to follow that path until I have a completed project to present.

If I can’t get it published, I’ll self-publish it on Amazon and then you can read my pulp fiction masterpiece. Or not. No pressure. It’s all good. Paranormal romance is not for everyone. I understand that. Try to make me read a historical romance or a ‘classic’ and we’ll have a problem. Boring. Add zombies or vampires to that and I’m all in.

Maybe I’ll share some of my other resolutions as we go.

Life is Good in the Big Cedars.


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