Gift Giving – Consumption Umption, What’s Your Function?

We might have gone a little overboard this year with Grace’s gifts. We had a few ideas of things she wanted and a few more of things we wanted to get for her from us and from Santa. We got them all.

A few years ago we finally talked everyone, friends and family, into not exchanging gifts anymore. It was all just sort of insane trying to come up with stuff for everyone who, like us, bought what they really wanted for themselves. It was a tremendous relief. Now we only have to buy for Grace.

Grace really doesn’t get get a lot of STUFF or gifts through the year. Her birthday is in October and we’ve had some pretty large and elaborate birthday parties that yield lots of kids which in turn yield lots of presents. This year she only wanted a small sleepover and to eat out somewhere fancy with her family. Jackpot! She still got some gifts but not the deluge she usually gets. She was just as happy.

Now the prudent person would have carried that logic through to Christmas and pursued a similar plan. We are not prudent people. We went a little nuts.

She has outgrown ALL her jeans!

A few science experiments, Wii, DS and Justin Beber

Stocking stuffers and no that’s not booze 😉

She asked for books about jungles.

We also got her a REAL digital camera. She’s had a couple of kids digital cameras and they are just worthless really. The pics are so bad they aren’t even worth downloading. I know she’ll have fun with a real one. It’s shockproof, waterproof and a couple of other ‘proofs’ so hopefully it will last a while.

And finally I got her this Rock and Gem book that she’s checked out of the library a ton of times. Now she’ll have one of her own.

We did all of our shopping in one day while Grandpa Medley watched Grace. It was pretty fun AND we got to eat at Olive Garden so double score. I wanted to order everything from Amazon. Bryon wanted to go shopping. He won but I got to eat bread sticks and pasta so I was a happy loser.

Bryon is a great gift giver. I am a crappy gift giver.

Bryon once gave me a trip to Estes Park, CO to learn to snowshoe and cross country ski. I stayed in a condo with a jacuzzi with my Mom. It was wonderful.

I once gave Bryon a $3.00 pair of binoculars from Osco. Turns out the optics on a $3.00 pair of binoculars are not all that good. They might as well have come from a gumball machine.

Grace is just lucky she’s got her Daddy shopping for her.


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