Winter Is For The Birds

I finally made this little project that I saw … somewhere. I thought maybe I’d seen it on Pinterest which I recently started perusing but when I looked at my boards I didn’t see it there. Pinterest is a cool site if you’ve never been there. It, like Facebook, is a great sucker of time but I LOVE looking at magazines and it’s a little like that … without the ads.

 I thought this would be a fun project for Grace but she lasted through two of them and I did the rest. I had two jars of organic peanut butter that I can’t stand so at least it’s getting put to good use. I’ve tried to like organic and natural peanut butter. I really have but I hate how the oil separates and then it’s impossible to stir up or spread. These were a mess to make with that peanut butter. With Jiff of some other smooth brand, it would have been a lot easier. Still, they are pretty darn cool.

Toilet paper rolls, peanut butter and birdseed.
Smear on the peanut butter.
Roll it in the birdseed.

And suddenly you’ve got cool bird treats.

You just slip them over tree limbs and the birds will find them. Of course squirrels will too and since we live in the woods the last on the tree limb about eight minutes. At least something is getting to enjoy them.


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