Bad Hair Day

Today was not a good hair day.

I’ve a had a few of them this week. Every so often I think, “Dang, why does my hair look like crap?” Then I remember it’s likely because I haven’t had my hair cut in six months. Yeah, that usually does it.

I used to worry about my hair a lot. A whole lot. Obsessively. My mom will tell you that in high school I would sometimes wash and refix my hair twice a day when necessary. It was often necessary. It’s not easy maintain the amount of lift you see achieved in the picture above. It takes a lot of hairspray my friend.

I’ve had hair self esteem issues for as long as I can remember. It’s only been the last fifteen years of so that I’ve stopped fussing with it so much. Bryon would probably tell you I still fuss with with it but clearly it’s not the priority it once was.

I’m not sure how a kid with hair as cute as the above pic could end up looking like this…

But I blame it on the old lady hair dresser my mom used to take me to. Her and Dorothy Hamill.

Dorothy Hamill had cute short hair … mine was just … unfortunate.

Seriously. I don’t know which was worse … the hair or the glasses.

 So I decided to grow my hair out long. No more Dorothy Hamill hair for me. Never to be short again. Ever. And yes, that was a Glamor Shot above. God help me.

Senior Picture above. 

Clearly, growing my hair out .. also meant growing it upward. Notice Bryon had hair then too. Nice acid wash jeans there too for us both.

So this was my passport photo a few months ago. Notice the complete lack of hair elevation and much smaller glasses.

Fifteen years from now Grace will look at that pic and say, “God Mom, what was going on with your hair?”

All I can tell you is I’m going to die an old lady with long hair because as God as my witness it will never be short again.


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