Shiner – Day 26 of 31 Days of Blogging

Not sure if this is her Zoolander pose or what but notice the little red blip on beside her nose. Bryon, his dad and Grace were shooting guns when I got home yesterday. Bryon bought Grace a gun when she was still in my belly. She’s finally big enough to shoot it.

It has interchangeable barrels and can be a .22, a 243 and a 20 gauge. He’s wanting to take her deer hunting next weekend and she’s up for it too. I’m just going to have to buy a lot more snacks for her to take before then.

He bought a special new sight for her gun, sighted it all in and then lined her up on the gun bench to shoot it. She aimed and pulled the trigger before he could remind her to get it snugged up against her shoulder and it kicked back and bonked her in the cheek.

Welcome to the world of recoil my friend.

She didn’t want to shoot anymore after that. He’s hoping she won’t be gun shy now and plans to get her back on the horse that smacked her soon. We put an ice pack on it and thankfully it didn’t turn into a black eye.

Once in high school, I went shooting down at the river with Bryon. He had several guns. I liked shooting them. Mostly I liked impressing Bryon. He gave me one giant gun that weighed about 30 pounds and told me to pull both triggers when I shot it. Yeah, it was a double barrel shotgun, which I didn’t figure out until I pulled both triggers. It knocked me back into the tree. I only shot that one once.

I still like shooting and I think Grace will too.

Next time I’ll bet she remembers to snug it up


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