Lab Tails & Landmines – Day 22 of 31 Days of Blogging

The front lawn is no longer safe to tread upon. It’s full of puppy landmines. Gosh, it was so clean. Okay, maybe not. It was also full of chicken landmines. There is a lot of poop on a farm. Grace fell down while she was playing with Grace and came up with a hand covered in dog poop. She was understandably disgusted.

Briar and Daisy used to go to the edges of the woods to do their business. Briar especially liked to poop on tall things, like grass, stumps etc. Sort of like a coyote marking his range. Hopefully Belle will get with that program soon. Either that or we need a weekly drenching rain storm to clean up the lawn.

She’s doing pretty well so far. She’s had a few accidents but goes to the door to be let out pretty regularly too so she’s catching on. Her schedule is eat, play, sleep, wake, bathroom, repeat. Also, there’s no more sleeping in on the weekends. She’s up at 6 am every morning. You can ignore her but it’s to your peril. Bodily functions will be spilled.

It’s like having a new baby that you can leave in the kennel when you want to go somewhere so it’s both better and worse. Good thing she’s ridiculously cute.

She’s still about seven pounds. Grace was six pounds when she was born. We gave her a bath in the kitchen sink. The dog that is. We gave Grace her first bath in the bathroom sink. It won’t be long before her baths have to be in the garden tub and her tail is smacking the magazines off the end tables. Labs have incredibly strong tails.

Briar and Daisy were both indoor/outdoor dogs. Almost completely outdoor by the time we moved out here to the farm. When we lived in the A frame house north of Springfield, they were mostly indoor dogs. Our king sized waterbed was in the basement bedroom and there was just about a two foot walking space on each side of the bed.

When we moved out, we realized there was a tail height indention on each side of the bed all the way down the wall from their exuberant tail wagging. Labs are also very happy dogs.

So far there’s no shedding but I know that day is coming. The downstairs vacuum died today while I was cleaning. I may have to invest in a super sonic vacuum in advance of the impending storm of dog hair.

Again, good thing she’s cute. And has that sweet puppy breath … when she’s not eating chicken poop.


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