Where’s the Beef? – Day 20 of 31 Days of Blogging

20 Oct

We’re buying quarter of a beef from our neighbor. We don’t eat much beef anymore but when we so it’s steaks or burger. The burger I’ve been buying is grass fed and is from Rockin H because I can’t stand to smell the stuff from Wal-Mart or the grocery store cooking. Mostly whatever meal I would put burger in, I put sausage or deer burger that we had seasoned as breakfast sausage in instead.

We’ve been wanting to raise our own beef. It’s the only meat we aren’t raising yet, but it’s going to require a massive expenditure and a whole lot of work for fencing. Only one side of our property is fenced and it’s a shared fence. So when our neighbor had a beef to butcher, we jumped on it.

Of course now we need another freezer because ours is full of chicken, deer, pork and other veggies and fruits. It’s always something. One expenditure leads to another. We just keep having to tell ourselves it’s cheaper than fencing though and better for us than CAFO beef. We know this calf has been grazing next door and not in a feedlot in Kansas.

So where’s the beef now? The beef is hanging at the locker plant now so it won’t be much longer and the beef will be in our new freezer.

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