Sleepover Party Prep – Day 19 of 31 Days of Blogging

Tonight Grace and I made strawberry cupcakes with chocolate icing in advance of her sleepover party this Friday night. Grace’s birthday is Sunday and she’ll turn seven. She decided, all on her own, that she didn’t want a big blowout birthday party like we have done for her every year so far. She said it’s fun but too hard to play with the kids.

She just wants to eat out and I suggested a small sleepover to which she readily agreed. Friday night two of her girlfriends from class are riding the bus to our house and spending the night. This will be Grace’s fourth sleepover at our house. She has gotten to go to a sleepover at another friend’s house once.

We have already planned to make biscuit pizzas with pepperonis, Canadian bacon, pineapple and hotdogs. My Mom used to make these for us a long time ago and I still like them. I bought them the little individual boxes of cereal for Saturday morning and Grace has already established an agreement that they can eat all the cupcakes they want while they are here.

She’s set the ground rules and planned their events.

Bryon has to work all weekend so he won’t be home until nearly 8 pm and will be up and out early Saturday morning but I’m sure he’ll get his share of abuse from three little first grade girls. I’m digging my ear plugs out now … the screaming will be intense.

The last sleepover she had two of the girls ended up sleeping in the floor on our bedroom and two in Grace’s room. No telling where the three of them will end up. I don’t think either one of them have sleptover before. So far we are 100% for girlfriends making it through the night. We’ll see if we can keep our streak going. Luckily, one girl lives just next door and the other in Niangua five minutes away.

Hopefully we won’t have to make that call.

Wish me luck … and patience.


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