Bieber Fever – Day 9 of 31 Days of Bloggin

Grace has a slight case of Bieber fever. How she even knows who he is is beyond me but she does. Everytime she sees him on something she’s all, “Ohhhhh Justin Bieeeeber”.  It drives her daddy crazy. Of course that’s what we girls do right? She got the Birthday Express catalog and they had a whole Justin Bieber party kit. She wanted it even though we aren’t doing a big party this year. Her request by the way.

Luckily for her she got invited to a girlfriend’s Justin Bieber birthday party just yesterday so she got her Bieber fix after all. She picked out a Justin Bieber book at the book fair at school for her friend Mattie. It was a hit.

I remember reading tons of issues of Tiger Beat and Teen Beat Magazine when I was young. I don’t remember how I got those magazines. I doubt I had my own money. My mom must have bought them for me. I just can’t remember but I loved pouring over them and all the teen celebrities. So here is Tiger beat today. Note who made the cover.

Later as I got older it was Seventeen and Circus magazines that I coveted. I must have read a hundred issues of those magazine through my teen years. I’d cut out pictures and words and make collages to hang on my walls. I had my share of long haired rockers on my walls too. I had a huge poster of David Lee Roth behind my door. I couldn’t find the exact one I had online but it was almost life sized and hung behind my door. It was similar to this… I’m sure my parents were thrilled. Mostly I remember he was unclothed except for some devilishly tight red leather pants 😉

My issues of Teen Beat and Circus were similar to these…

I also had lots of half naked men bedazzling the inside of  my high school locker at school. My Aunt was the Home Ec teacher and would sneak down there to check out the eye candy from time to time. My locker was very popular. 
So now we have an almost seven year old and here we go. Wikipedia said those teen magazines were targeted to 10-16 year olds. The only thing saving me from having to buy them for her yet is that she can only read about 75 words right now and it’s just not the same if your mom has to read it to you. 
I think her daddy is hoping her wall posters continue to display puppies instead of half naked rock stars for a long time.

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