Meet Belle – Day 8 of 31 Days of Blogging

 Meet Belle. Our new chocolate lab baby girl. She was a surprise today. We had no intention of getting a new dog this weekend but our friends the Hugglers were at Wally World and saw these guys in the parking lot for sale.

We were planning on getting a yellow female but this little one was the runt of the litter and oh so cute. We’ve had a yellow lab (Daisy) and a black lab (Briar) but never a chocolate so Bryon and Grace out voted me and we came home with the chocolate. It wasn’t much of a hardship.

Right now she’s asleep on top of Bryon while he watches Huskers football on the couch.

I’m sure it will be a long, long, long night of whining which will start very soon. And then there’s the getting up to take her out every couple of hours. 

She’s a couple of days shy of eight weeks old and will probably end up being about the size Daisy was.

Life around the Medley house is about to get shook up again.  I’m just praying she’s lazy. Very, very lazy 🙂

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