Oops! They Did It Again

You know the old similie about doing it like rabbits. Well that comparison came about for a reason. They are fast! And fertile! And persistent!

On July 11, Aaron Huggler became a Godfather while we were on vacation in Yellowstone. The baby bunnies were born. Six of them. I’m thinking of giving Aaron an offer he can’t refuse.

Luckily for him, the swap meet in Marshfield and Fordland should still be going on and a lady at Bryon’s work wants one too, otherwise… I’d be tempted to gather them up come first of Sept. and leave them in his room. Aaron is 15 and I told him let that be a lesson to him that just how quickly those rabbits made a baby is just how fast it can happen…wham bam thank you Ma’am and six more mouths to feed… forever!

Everyone keeps telling me we should raise them and eat them but seriously, look at them. Chickens… no problem. Pigs… no problem. But killing and eating little tame rabbits would be like killing and eating puppies or kittens to me. It’s a no go.

On the same note, wild rabbits I would have NO problem with. No I can’t explain what the difference is but there you go. My strange and irrational farm food justification is what it is.

They have just now started to venture out of the box and into the main cage with Mama. She’ll have no more rest from them now! Hmmmm, just like in human life.

There are lots of lessons to be learned on a farm.


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