No Training Wheels

Grandpa Rice bought Grace a cool new bike and we just hadn’t had time to get her to the park to learn to ride it without training wheels. Finally Saturday night we took her. She had tried around our yard a few times and it had ended in tears because she just couldn’t make it go on the grass but the pavement was a whole different story. That’s one advantage city kids have over country kids. Riding bikes and skateboards is a whole different challenge in the country.

When I was a kid, we had a gravel road about a mile and a half long in front of our house and it didn’t get paved until after I went to college. Of course, my city friends didn’t get to catch frogs in a pond in their back yard either. You have to take the good with the bad I suppose.

That didn’t stop me from praying for asphalt though.

Now as an adult I realize the best treasures are usually found at the end of a gravel road.


One thought on “No Training Wheels

  1. Karissa has been working on this, too (we also have to take her somewhere to practice since our driveway is gravel). She's doing pretty well … although was going a little too fast the other night and went over the handlebars!


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