>It’s noisy in the country.


Cicada shells Grace found.

The kid loves bugs. Just not spiders.

A girl and her pets.


A city friend of ours came to visit one time when we lived in Highlandville, Oh about 13 years ago now I suppose, and it was in the middle of the big cicada hatch. As she was getting in her car to leave she said, “It’s noisy in the country!” Yes my friend, yes it is.

Grace has been finding a ridiculous amount of cicada shells and live bugs around our house. Since they eat and lay their eggs in twigs, our back yard is pretty much cicada Mecca.

We can hear them in the house, with the windows closed and the air conditioner on. It’s like country static.

The next big hatch won’t be until 2024 and by that time Grace will be a freshman in college somewhere securing our retirement care and won’t likely have much interest in cicadas and bugs. Unless of course she decides to become an entymologist.

As much as she likes the things, that wouldn’t surprise me. She slept, against my better judgement, with three of them in a bug cage in her room the other night. I told her if those things started humming, they were going outside. She said she’d close the door.

I’m pretty sure they all made it back outside.

If you’d like to learn more about cicadas check out this link http://www.usatoday.com/tech/science/environment/2011-05-11-cicada-great-southern-brood-13-years_n.htm

You can hear what our backyard sounds like here…


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