>Graduation and Summer Vacation


Grace graduated from Kindergarten on Thursday which means that summer vacation has officially begun.

Boy do I remember watching the clock tick tock excruciatingly slowly towards 3 pm nearly every day of school. It’s especially clear in my memory in the sixth grade for some reason. That’s one of the few homeroom classrooms that is indelibly etched in my memory. Nothing horribly traumatic happened to me in the sixth grade, but I did have a male homeroom teacher, Mr. Franklin. He was a very nice man as I remember but I was terrified after the Your Body and You film and lecture that I would get my period during his homeroom and have to go up and explain why I needed to visit the nurse.

Mercifully that didn’t happen. I got it for the first time on a Saturday when I was going rollerskating with John Gardner at Skate Corral in Springfield. I was pretty sure everyone there at the time knew my problem. It was mortifying. Still, I was thankful it didn’t happen in Mr. Franklin’s class. Thank God for small miracles.

Grandpa Medley, Nana, Aunt Brenda and I all made it to her Graduation but Bryon had to work so I took my phone so I could record it for him. Then at the last minute he managed to show up AND with flowers for her. She was pretty excited.

So now Grace is officially a first grader. She can read a lot of words already and has read several Dr. Seuss books to us… very, very, very slowly… Have I ever mentioned I have no patience? It is exciting that she can read some now though and by the end of next year, there will be no stopping her.

I got Grace a library card of her own last summer and she has been checking out her own books (about 14 every week or so) from the Webster County Library. Since last June we’ve read her 183 library books  and reread  books countless times from her own library.

If nothing else, at least we are helping her to learn to like to read.  I figure we can’t be screwing her up too badly if she at least has that gift.
Of course she has a goodly dose of independence as well. There’s just no telling what she’ll become.
Maybe a comedian?

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