>Giddy Up!


Chicken Saddle

 This is a chicken WITH a saddle and one without. The one in the middle has been being picked on ever since the roosters met their maker because those roosters had humped the feathers off their backs and left them red and raw. The middle one is not nearly as bad as the bottom one had become. Her back was just red and featherless so when a friend mentioned she had seen chicken saddles on the internet, I Googled it and sure enough I found some. Check them out, they have a variety of colors and designs just in case you are ever in need http://www.hensaver.com/index.html?gclid=CMebrLjtjakCFQQbKgodwFmapg

Chicken with saddle. Chicken without saddle.

Happy Hen.

As you can imagine, getting the saddle ON a chicken is no easy feat. I tried. I left with a scratched up arm and a naked chicken. Bryon helped me and she’s had it on for a couple of weeks now. I’ve checked under it a few times just to make sure she doesn’t have a hidden infection or something going on and so far so good. I don’t know how long or IF her feathers will grow back in but at least she’s not getting picked on anymore.

I figure it doesn’t look too hard to make one so I bought this one for a pattern and I guess I’ll work on one for the other girl sometime too.

I’m not sure if buying a saddle for your chicken is the same as dressing your dog or carrying your Chihuahua around in your purse, but I’m guessing it’s the country version of that.


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