>Mother’s Day

>I had a very nice Mother’s day. Bryon had to work all Mother’s Day weekend so we celebrated the Sunday before by going to Red Lobster and eating lunch after church. Then Bryon and Grace took me to BB&B and bought me the most awesome food processor ever. Behold, the Ninja Kitchen System…

It slices, it dices, it mixes, it smooths… but wait there’s more! This is chocolate chip cookie dough in it before and after. I’ve also made awesome hummus, smoothies and ice cream already. It really is pretty remarkable. My blender wouldn’t even make a smoothie, even the ice crusher model, but this thing is the BOMB!

I hadn’t even heard of it but as soon as I got home I saw there was an infomercial on DirecTV for it so I watched the whole thing. It has two sized containers the smaller one with the cookie dough and the large pitcher size. I understand it makes wonderful margaritas but I wouldn’t know since I swore off tequilla after our 5 year class reunion (20 years ago now).  Eeek!

By the time Mother’s Day weekend actually rolled around it was just me and Grace at home and we just bummed around and relaxed. She waffled between loving me and promising numerous homemade gifts  for Mother’s Day and being angry with me and telling me she wasn’t going to give me anything.

By Sunday I just decided to let her have her way in nearly all things because all I really wanted to do was sit on the back deck and read The Stand. So here is the progressing of things she did on my Mother’s Day…

First thing we did was skip church, sleep in and then go to Freda’s for breakfast. I was getting dressed in my weekend scuzzies and she came into the bathroom in her dress and makeup and told me I had to dress up because it was Mother’s Day and picked out a blouse and skirt for me. Shoes too.

Breakfast at Freda’s.

She insisted on wearing my earrings too.
Painted her toe and finger nails herself.

Made herself a crazy fruit, peppermint stick and granola snack with the sharp knife…herself.

Found this totally cute little turtle and finally agreed to release it.
Found worms and a drink and her fishing pole and went to the pond to fish… herself. Notice the tube of lipstick slowly melting in the sun on this bench by the cup of worms.
Baited her own hooks, but I had to help her get the fish off because those dang perch swallow it every time. She caught about a dozen fish.

Yep, that’s a perch and Yep that’s eyeshadow and lipstick on her.

 Later in the day after we had come inside she came out of her room and asked for a hammer. I asked why she needed a hammer. She just did. I asked what she planned to hammer with it. It was a secret. I gave her a hammer. She went to her room and shut the door and then opened back up and told me she also needed privacy and I was not to come into her room. I did not. After a while and a good deal of hammering, she came out with this Mother’s Day gift for me.

The wind chime.

It’s a wind chime.

Those are charm bracelet charms wrapped in scotch tape hanging from the yarn.

I put it in the window.

On the inside.

Later I told my Mom about it when I called her on Mother’s Day and showed her the picture on Facebook and she said, “Lisa, she’s just very creative! You need to encourage that!”

I told her I did.

I gave her a hammer.

At the end of the day she told me I was a really nice Mama today and she guessed it must be because it was Mother’s Day.

I told her I guessed so.


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