>Grace School Pic Spring 2011


Here is Grace’s school picture for the spring of her Kindergarten year. Pretty cute 🙂 She chose her outfit and hairband. She had that hairband on in the fall picture too. The girl has style. Her OWN style.

One day she came in with her jeans rolled up one time from the bottom to nearly her knees and was rummaging through the desk drawer for paper clips.

I asked what she was doing and she said Addison rolls her jeans up like this and clips them with paper clips. I asked if maybe she meant safety pins? She said yes, safety pins. So goofy as it looked I hooked two safety pins at the top. I figured she was either going to be the goofiest kid at school or a fashionista.

Just before we headed out the door she asked me to take the pins back out. She said she didn’t want to wear them to school that way, her legs were just hot.

Seemed logical.

Out they came.

She hasn’t asked for them to be that way since. I guess it was a short lived trend.


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