>They come to snuff the rooster… oh yeah.

>Rooster number two is no more. Five hilariously happy unhumped hens is all I have left for now.

The great rooster experiment is officially over. I liked having him because with a rooster, it just sounded like a real farm out here. The roosters (yes I had two) turned out to be mean and liked to flog everyone but Grace especially so we had to rotate between Grace and the chickens for outside time. With spring finally here, that was just not going to continue to work out so today I asked Bryon to dispatch of the remaining rooster.

We killed an ate the first rooster a few weekends ago. My theory was that if we only had one rooster, maybe it would become nicer since it wouldn’t have any competition anymore. Nope. Not so much the case. Still nasty. And it was sneaky nasty because it usually waited until your back was turned to attack. Of course with Grace it really didn’t matter. They both went right for her immediately. Bryon too. They had a special hatred for Bryon.

I gotta say I’m glad they’re gone. Of course now the whole Buckeye heirloom breed chicken experiment is basically for naught because of course now there will be no more. I guess I’m just more of a barnyard sort of girl after all.

I sure hope my hens can grow some of their back feathers in now since they won’t have a rooster humping them 24/7. They are some scraggly looking birds right now.

I got the chicken house all cleaned out and freshened up for another year today. It took forever but it’s so nice now. I hope the hens will start using the nesting boxes now and my eggs will stay cleaner. We’ll see.

Today really gave me spring fever bad! And allergies, bad. It’s hard to enjoy the outdoors when you can’t see or breathe. Hopefully tomorrow will be better in that respect.

Bryon worked out in our little barn and cleaned some of the big barn while I cleaned the chicken house and rabbit hutch. Tomorrow after church is going to be dedicated to the greenhouse and starting some seeds. I gotta plant some stuff man!

I do have tiny little half inch lettuce seedlings from the seed I saved last year. It’s way over seeded because it was impossible to separate the seed from the chaff but it’s doing okay so far. I’m ready to get some stuff in the gardens though.

Maybe this year I can actually keep track of what and where all my plants are. It’s good to have goals.


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