>Getting My Craft On


I had a super crafty weekend and managed to finish several little projects I had started and complete two new ones. It felt great to actually get something accomplished! I bought a new sewing machine and some transparent nylon thread (which is just awful to use but looked great) and went to town.

I had been saving up all my poly feed sacks for the chickens and bunnies and this month the Layena I feed the chickens came in a pink breast cancer awareness bag. I send Bryon out for two more bags of it so I could use them later.

They make neat totes. Mine certainly aren’t perfect and they take me forever to make because apparently I was born with out any abstract thinking brain cells and I have take things apart and redo them over and over. This is the same handicap that makes me have to move pages all around the copier at work over and over until the think comes out how I want it!


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