>The Big Six!


Grace had yet another fabulous birthday party on Saturday. We sort of cheated and had her birthday party at the Imagination Station in Marshfield instead of the house this year. It was great! We did minimal house before and after and there weren’t twenty screaming kids in my house, ha! We just had a Halloween theme this year and the kids all wore their costumes. They had a blast.

I made a Devil’s Food pumpkin shaped cake and strawberry cupcakes for the non chocolate lover set (nuts that they are). 

Grace was pretty excited to be six.

After the party, three of the girls came home with us for another sleepover. The were the same three that stayed in the summer. They all made it through the night but I had to divide them up to get them to sleep. Two in Grace’s room and two in our room on the floor.

They were all really good. You can see that Bryon got wrestled down and had a makeover done on him. That my friend is about every color of eye shadow in the case and a whole lot of lip gloss covering his head and face. He’s such a good sport and the girls just loved it.

The first memory I have of Bryon is of him in the Junior High hallway surrounded by girls…hmmm…I guess some things never change 🙂


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