>First Day of Kindergarten


At school for the first day of Kindergarten!
Goofy Grace

Grace at home before school
Grace, Mrs. Short and a new friend

Today is Grace’s first day of Kindergarten! We went to meet her very nice new teacher and see her room last night. She wanted to stay and said she would spend the night there. We opted for home.

She did pop right up this morning and did all the things I normally have to grump at her to do and was ready in record time! I don’t know how long it will last but I liked it!

There are 23 kids in her class and she gets to sit by one of her best buds from preschool so I think she’ll have a good day. She has her own little desk and there are class guinea pigs and fish. We took the gerbils back to Mrs. D for the preschool kids last night.

Her room is fun and decorated in lots of bright colors and they have a jungle theme (seems appropriate). She’ll get to go to real art and music classes this year and there are now THREE neighbor girls all her age (one is 5 and in her class and two are 6 already and in first grade). I hope they all become good friends. Bryon said Teddy might have to bushhog a trail through the corn field for them all to visit each other someday. Addy can visit from just next door and Ashton from the other side. The other little girl will need some more help.

Grace said in the car one day last week, “Mama, I want you to have a baby, because Daddy doesn’t wrestle with me enough and I don’t have anyone to play with upstairs.” I told her Mama was NOT having any more babies. She asked why. I said “because”. She asked why. I said “because”. She said, “Well Jesus decides and maybe you will.”

Not cool. Definitely not cool. Jesus and I have an agreement. He better stick to his side of things.

Grace can play with the neighbor girls.


More first day pics here …


One thought on “>First Day of Kindergarten

  1. >Ihope she has fun on her first day… I will never forget the day my 4 yr old said I needed to have another baby! This was as I was loading her and her twin 3 yr old sisters into their row of carseats in the back of the car… I told her we couldnt.. We didnt have enough room for another carseat.. She left it alone till she was 9yrs old and brought it back up.. Said I needed to have a boy because she wanted a baby brother!lol hmmm I told her I would think about.. Lol! I sometimes wish I had had another baby but to late now..


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