We got this cool greenhouse this week.

Bryon has been looking at them on Craigslist from time to time and found this one AND the guy was willing to do some trading for it. We had some old farmy stuff just lying around that we had tried to sell to no avail.

Bryon was about ready to just haul it up to our grassy triangle along the highway and put a FREE sign on it. It wasn’t even worth anything for scrap really.

Then he found the ad and made the deal. Our seemingly worthless farm stuff plus $500 for this greenhouse that just last week was for sale at Nixa Hardware for $1199.00.

I think it was a GREAT deal! It would have cost $500 in lumber and materials AND we got this rain barrel and stand which is hooked up to the little gutter on top of the greenhouse.

It got me motivated enough to go out and pull all the weeds (well MOST of the weeds) out of the gravel paths in the garden. The ONE night last week that was not unbearably sweltering I went out and pulled weeds. My behind is paying the price. Seems I haven’t been doing much bending and squatting for a long, long time. Eeeek!

I always lose my motivation this time of the year and getting that greenhouse out there really perked me up gardening wise. I collected some seeds off the parsley and Devil’s Ear and Lollo Rossa lettuces and I’ve made four quart zip locks of pasta sauce for the freezer from our heirloom tomatoes.

We are still getting quite a few tomatoes but none of them are really the good canning tomatoes. My 83 year old grandmother has a pretty large tomato patch again this year and I’m hoping to buy enough from her to can up for stew tomatoes.

I read a cool article about Community Canning Kitchens in various small towns across the country. It’s an old idea revisited. Everyone who wants can take their stuff to the community building on certain days and they all can everything up for each other. Everyone helps by doing various parts of the process.

Bryon’s friend Steve and his buddies did that this summer.

Seems like a good idea to me.

Now I just need to talk someone into organizing it… other than me, ha!


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