>Swim Little Fishes


Bryon has been taking Grace to the pool several times a week this summer. By the time he gets off work and picks her up they get there in time to enjoy the last hour the pool is open AND it’s FREE that last hour! So they have been taking advantage of the opportunity.

Grace took swim lessons again this summer (second year) and she has become a good little swimmer. She can even jump off the diving board and swim to the side by herself now!

I actually went with her last night for an hour and then stayed for water aerobics with the old ladies. (Okay, so they weren’t ALL old 😉 As a testament to just HOW out of shape I am, I’m ashamed to tell you I have sore muscles this morning.

Of course we were going to get home so late that I took some snacks for Grace to eat and ordered a $10 pizza at Pizza Hut (best deal EVER) to pick up at exactly 7:05 pm. We got BOGO free wildberry smoothies at McDonalds and headed home afterwards.

I suppose that means I’m 0 for 0 as far as the aerobics go.

Oh well. There is always tomorrow, right?


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