>Fatal Attraction?

>Seriously, I walked out of the house (working from home today) to put some boxes into my car and there on the back step lay the dead red hen.

I’d let Ruger out to “run off” any unwanted visitors because I KNOW he can’t get to the chickens, young or old, so what the heck is going on around here?

Was the chicken already dead in the woods and Ruger found it and presented it to me as a gift? Was it alive and roaming around and he found it and killed it? I looked that bird over but good and couldn’t find any wound that would have killed it. May have had a broken neck but who could tell after they are all dead and floppy anyway?

So I made my SECOND trip of the day up to the dumpster with a dead chicken.

The last five hens are in the coop and will stay there for a while, the last five Buckeyes are in the tractor and in the garage again and I have the live trap outside waiting for some bait. If it weren’t so hot and I weren’t so lazy I’d schlep back up to the dumpster and retrieve one of them for bait…hmmmm… maybe not.

It took my brain way too long looking at that dead hen to register what the heck was going on. I had a real Fatal Attraction, bunny boiling in the pot, moment there


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