>And then there were eleven…


I moved the new chickens out to the back yard today and as I was dragging them along from the garage to the yard in the tractor, I accidentally ran over one and smucked it. It was sort of rolling it’s eyes around but I figured it was toast and suffering because I smucked it good so I just popped it’s head off and put it out of its misery.

I was bummed out but the tractor just started rolling along too fast and I didn’t realize it was under the thing until it was too late. So, one less chicken now.

Of course it wasn’t the one ODDBALL chicken I some how ended up with. I’m pretty sure that yellow chicken is a Buff Orpington. It will definitely be one that will get eaten because I want to keep the line of Buckeyes pure. You would THINK that the hatchery could have gotten that right.

I’m going to send a picture of them all together to them. I don’t expect they’ll really do anything about it. They might refund me $2.50 but big deal.

So now I have eleven chicks instead of twelve and the rest of them seem to be doing great out there. I’ll have to be more careful moving the tractor around or they are going to have to stay out of the way one… or both…

Sometimes I’m my own worse enemy.


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