>20th Wedding Anniversary


Today is our 20th Wedding Anniversary.

I Googled and the internet says that we are to exchange platinum and/or china.

Since Bryon is in Dallas all this week for “training” I suppose we’ll just have to settle for Chinese food when he gets back.

Funny thing is I was in Telluride with Laura during our 10th Anniversary listening to bluegrass music in the mountains and now on our 20th Bryon has been banished to the hot hell of Dallas.

We are just not meant to be together on those big milestone anniversaries.

Twenty years ago today Bryon’s dad, Gary, married us my Mom & Dad’s back yard in Bolivar in the gazebo. It rained earlier that hot afternoon and mercifully cooled off just enough to make it tolerable and keep my much hair sprayed hair from totally plastering to the side of my head. You see the volume there, you don’t get that without some serious Pantene my friend.

Kathy Wolf was my maid of honor and Chuck Aderhold was Bryon’s best man. We had a party and a keg of beer in the shop when it was all said and done.

My pink dress came from JC Penny’s ($85) and our rings came from Sears ($40 each). Years later I replaced that gold band with a $10 silver one from a booth at the Ozark’s Empire Fair (I don’t wear gold anymore).

The entire wedding including the keg cost $500.

We spent the night with Mom and Dad and then left for a long weekend in Eureka Springs the next morning to start our life together.

We have had a good run. We have a blessed life.

Here’s to another 60 years together.



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