>Sweet Teeth


Well we have officially failed as parents. Grace has THREE cavities.

She has been complaining about her back tooth hurting when she eats candy or drinks something cold. I thought she had a dental visit already scheduled coming up this summer but when I searched my calendar for it nothing came up.

Bryon called the dentist to check and nope, nothing scheduled. The could, however, see her at 9:30 am that morning. So the two of them took off to the dentist. An hour later Bryon called and asked if we should let her have nitrous because she had THREE cavities in her permanent back molars. Great.

The dentist said he’d noticed her back molars where pretty chalky and flaky looking at her last appointment but hoped they’d end up coming in stronger. No such luck. He said that happens when children have a high fever while those teeth are forming. Graces has only had ONE high extended fever so I guess that’s when it happened.

He said if she was 16 he’d just cap them or crown them but since she has lots more growing and tooth development ahead he’d just fill them as needed.

So, that means MORE brushing and flouride rinse for her. Bryon said she did GREAT getting the first one filled and didn’t have any problem at all. Grandpa has to take her Monday to get her other two filled AND to the doctor for her pre-kindergarten physical.

Last night the Shockley boys stayed with us and as we were all sitting on the couch watching TV Grace said, “Hey, my tooth is really wiggly!” Sure enough her THIRD bottom front tooth was hanging by a piece of skin. We didn’t even know it was loose! Her top one has been wiggly but not that one. So Bryon took hold of it and POP it was out.

The Tooth Fairy came again last night while all the kids were asleep and they all piled in the bedroom this morning at 6 am to tell me Grace had money.

Yeah, 6 am.

Thanks Tooth Fairy.


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