We finally got our pigs!

Bryon saw an ad on Craigslist this week and when he called it was actually for an Amish man in Dunnegan in the community I used to work with for the blood drives. One of his friends had put the ad on Craigslist for him to sell the baby pigs he had. Amos’ pigs were already gone (within hours of the posting he said) but he directed us to Moses who he thought still had some for sale.

I used to pick Moses up in the big CBCO 16 passenger van so he could go to the blood drive in Humansville from time to time and had to use his barn lot to turn the thing around in because I was too chicken to try to back the thing down his long driveway back onto the highway between two blind curves.

Turned out he had plenty of baby pigs for sale.

After several phone calls (they finally have a phone at the Shadyside Bulk Store for five families to share) the time for pickup was arranged and Bryon and his Dad went down this morning and picked them up.

We got a boar and a gilt (boy and girl). The boy’s going to get his nuts removed very, very soon 😉

They are pretty cute but still getting adjusted to their new reality.

Last time we had pigs we got them in late July and they were butchered in January. So hopefully we’ll have these finished out by December and won’t have to have them too far into the cold winter weather.

Now that we have a good reliable source for feeder pigs, next time we’ll get them earlier in the spring I hope.

Mmmmmm do you smell sausage?


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