>Dentist Daddy


Grace lost another tooth last Thursday night right before we went to her Parent’s Night program at school. She got TWO dollars this time instead of FOUR. She was still just as excited.

That night we put her tooth in a cup and left it on her bookcase. Just before the “tooth fairy” was going to bed, I peeked in to leave her quarters in her cup and KICKED her bead case making a horrible racket in the process. I hopped out of the room and into the bathroom quickly but she didn’t even stir, so I tip toed back into her room to try again and KICKED THE BEAD BOX AGAIN! Doh! Back out to the bathroom, then, since she was still asleep I finally got the money into her cup and stole the tooth. Geez!

Later that night about 4 am, Grace cried out for me and I went in to see what the problem was. She STILL won’t just get up and go to the bathroom in the night by herself without waking me up. Why I have no idea. But this time she said she’d had a bad dream. So I gave her the regular platitudes and tried to talk her into going back to sleep. Then she said, “Do you see that web?”

“Uh, what web”, I asked.

“That web up there with the wings and the blue and green bubbles” she said.

“Noooooo, I definitely do not see a web,” I told her.

Well that wasn’t going to be enough to get her back to sleep. She was scared of an imaginary web on her ceiling with wings and blue and green bubbles. I was back in her room three times and the last time she asked me how long until morning time.

She was scared so I finally asked her if she wanted to sleep with me. She did. We spent the rest of the short night in Nana’s room together. As we lay down, she said again, “Do you see that web up there?” (now in Nana’s room). Nope, I said, just ask Jesus to help you fall back to sleep, there is nothing to worry about. She mumbled some prayers under her breath and was asleep in less than a minute.

The next morning, I told Bryon what had happened and he said, “It was probably the tooth fairy and she was trying to hid from Grace, those wings were tooth fairy wings and magic”. Wow, good answer Daddy! I told him to go tell Grace.

He did and she came running into the bathroom excitedly to tell me that was the TOOTH FAIRY SHE SAW LAST NIGHT!

Well, either way, she has two night lights now and there have been no more appearances of the web with wings or bubbles in the night.

Of course, tonight she said her top front tooth was loose now so we might be seeing her again soon.


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