>Grandpa’s Art Show


Bryon’s dad, Gary, is a great artist. He’s been painting in watercolors and acrylics for years now and we have several very neat and unique original works hanging on our walls.

He’s also earned a great reputation around Marshfield this past year with several pieces hanging in the local restaurant we all frequent, Freda’s Uptown Cafe.

The local library features works from area artist every month and March is Gary’s month. He gathered up some of his best pieces and got to set them up for display March 1 and they’ll be available for viewing all month.

Last weekend we stopped by and took some pictures for him and I also emailed the local paper about him and his work. A reporter called him yesterday and interviewed him in his apartment and went to the library to take some pictures too.

His artwork has a definite folk art style and many of his pieces are similar in style to the late Robert E. Smith of Springfield.

I wish I had a tiny bit of his talent. Guess I’ll just have to settle for my powers of persuasion so I can talk him out of more art pieces.


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