>Slumber Party

Grace and her friends have been BEGGING to have a slumber party so Friday night three of her friends from daycare came over for their first ever sleepover. The curly headed girl and the long haired girl have been at daycare with her since they were all 12 weeks old. The other girl has just been there a couple of years but they all asked to come home with us for a sleepover every time Grace was back at daycare so we finally decided to try it.

They all did great and actually made it all night long. We made biscuit pizzas and they put on all their own toppings for dinner. Then Bryon went up to the bar and served up some snow cones for them all.

They must have run up and down those stairs screaming 8,000 times and we finally got them down for bed about 9:30 and asleep by 10:30. They all three asked for their Mama’s twice but ended up settling for a stuffed animal and a hug. Grace and the curly headed girl slept together in the low bed and the long haired girl slept on the top bunk. The other one slept on the floor until about 2:30 in the morning and then on the floor by my side of the bed the rest of the night.

The other girls never stirred all night.

The next morning I told them they made it all night! They were very brave! The curly headed girl said, “We’re growing up.” Well, as a matter of fact you are my friend 🙂

A good time was had by all… including Bryon as you can see…


2 thoughts on “>Slumber Party

  1. >Lol That was cute!! Love the orange hair!We have an Annual sleepover every summer with the girls. Its usually their friends who they have known since Birth!! Lots of fun but wears a momma out!!


  2. >All I can say is that you are both very brave parents. Looks like alot of fun for everyone. Can Rex borrow the orange wig? Been so long since he had any hair, I would even like to see him in orange. How long did you both have to take to recouperate after that? lol Take care, Brenda


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