>Toothless Wonder


It’s out! I came home from work Friday and Grace met me at the back door sporting a new smile. Bryon had gotten home before me and Grace insisted the tooth come OUT! It was practically horizontal anyway and barely hanging on so he tried to get some dental floss around it for the extraction but it kept slipping off. Then he tried just grabbing it but it was too slippery so finally he grabbed it with a cloth napkin for traction and plucked it out. Grace didn’t even realize it was out and was all grumpy because of another failed attempt then Bryon showed her the tooth and she was excited!

She talked all night about the Tooth Fairy and that she was coming tonight!

We got home late from a night out at the Old Barn Dance in Fordland and she had her little tooth in a special box we got at her baby shower. She really wanted to keep her tooth and I told her the Tooth Fairy would probably let her if she really wanted too. Especially since Mama wanted to keep it too.

After she was asleep I went upstairs and found a card I’d made with some glitter on it and wrote a little note inside that said, “Grace, you are growing up fast, this little tooth is your first but it won’t be your last. Love Tooth Fairy”. I sprinkled some fairy dust (glitter) around and left her a 50 cent piece and a bunch of quarters tied up in a pink ribbon.

She woke up this morning about 7:30 and came in and said her tooth was still there and that the Tooth Fairy had NOT come! I asked her if she was sure and she said yes, and that the Tooth Fairy must have gotten “distracted” and not come.

I went in there with her and pointed out the card and quarters and she was much more excited. As messy as her bookcase is it’s no wonder she didn’t notice the gift.

Now she’s working on the second tooth. She already can’t keep her tongue and finger out of the hole.

It’s the best toy she has right now.


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