>Christmas Past


We had a great Christmas this year. This was the second year we didn’t exchange gifts with anyone including family with the Grace exemption of course. Grace was all over Christmas this year. She really knew what was going on and was into it. Of course she got A LOT OF SOCKS!

I’d mentioned earlier that I hoped Santa brought her some socks and she wasn’t going to mention it to him because she didn’t want to waste any Barbie gift giving potential on measly SOCKS.

Well, Dad, Susan, Mom, Bryon and I AND Santa…thought differently. We opened up gifts early Christmas Eve so Dad and Susan could get home before the imminent snow storm which turned out to be pretty dismal really. Still it was a white Christmas so you can’t complain about that too much.

We secretly stacked the deck ahead of time and presented Grace with ALL the socks boxes (mostly wrapped separately) first. She was NOT impressed and actually started to get a little pissy about it. I thought Dad was going to pop a gasket laughing. She ended up with 42 pairs of socks! That was a LOT of socks! This included what Santa brought but he just hung them on the tree along with lots of other little “stocking stuffer” toys.

She got a little happier after the socks turned into more fun looking gifts. Of course Santa brought her four barbies the next morning so all was right with the world again. She even seemed a little happier about all the socks with the light of day.

Bryon made spaghetti carbonara Christmas Eve and it was scrumptious. It’s pretty much his Christmas Eve specialty now since this makes two years in a row. It’s the bomb.

Gary and Mom spent the night Christmas Eve and Mike came over Christmas morning for breakfast. Grace actually made it until 7:30 am before getting us all up so I thought that was pretty good really.

Christmas Day we pretty much spent eating and playing games, eating and playing games.

Grace and Bryon went out and she sledded behind the four wheeler until the snow turned to mud. Ruger pounced on and off of her and the sled and got a few good rides in too. It was his first snowfall and he was a nut. He really liked the snow.

Even though we didn’t officially give or get gifts, Bryon ended up buying a new tv for the bedroom and I ordered my blog made into a book from Blog2Print.

Grace went home with Nana Friday night and comes home tomorrow and I spent the past two days undecorating the house. Christmas is like vacation…it’s always fun to go, but it sure is good to be back home…and undecorated again.


One thought on “>Christmas Past

  1. >Hey Lisa, Thanks for the comment on my blog. Wanted to ask how you liked your blog in print?? I was contemplating that for next year as a scrapbook of my 1st year of blogging, but didn't know how it would ultimately look. Have a great New Year!


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