>A Good Egg?

You never know what wonders are going to come out of those hens. I found this egg the other day. It looks like an unformed egg was still attached. We didn’t eat it. It was probably okay, but it was just too weird.

The hens have really slowed down this fall and winter. I went from getting five or six eggs a day to two, one and some days none as they finally all molted for the first time. Crazy enough, the 21st of course was the shortest day of the year and they lay more or less according to the amount of daylight from what I’ve read. Well on the 21st and the 22nd I got four eggs each day!

I guess I’ll probably raise some more layers this spring so we can keep up the egg production. We’ve been selling enough each month to at least pay for their feed and keep us in all the eggs we could want. You gotta love that!

The past month we haven’t sold any though because one or zero eggs a day don’t add up very fast. I’m hopeful they are ready to get back into production 🙂


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