>O’ Organic!


I am an Organic adulterer. I want to be married to Organic, but it’s just too big a commitment. Organic is an expensive date. He’s hard to find sometimes and keep track of. He’s not always what he seems. So when he’s feeling easy and available, I’m all over him. The other times…not so much.

I’ve had affairs on him with McDonalds and several, okay, EVERY other restaurant I’ve ever eaten at. I want to do better, but I just don’t have the will power.

I’ve been trying to buy more organic foods for our family and incorporate them into out diet. It’s not easy. There aren’t very many choices in our little town, although the local Summer Fresh grocery store IS trying with a small little dedicated section. I try to buy SOMETHING from that section every time I go in the store, but I feel sorry for them because several of their dairy items have already expired by the time I’m there to consider buying them. I know that is not encouraging to them and they are likely losing money.

Walmart makes me mad too. They do have some organic products and produce but they are interspersed around the store and not easy to find. AND when I do find something I like, for example Del Monte organic tomato sauce, then the next time I go to stock up, it’s not on the shelf anymore.

I can’t, or more, WON’T go to the only “natural foods” store in Springfield to buy my groceries on a regular basis. I know it would be at LEAST twice as much, not to mention a HUGE inconvenience. My friend Liz kindly picks up the things I order from the Mt. Vernon Coop and delivers them to me on a regular basis. This is WONDERFUL! Especially for dry goods, health and body products etc. but I’m hesitant to buy dairy, refrigerated or frozen goods with close expiration dates because I KNOW I won’t and can’t make that hour trip to pick them up in a timely manner.

One of my goals for this year was to raise all our own meat on the farm. That still hasn’t happened and since it’s only 28 days until 2010, it’s not looking hopeful. We did, however, raise all our own chicken this year, and have eaten almost all of the pig we butchered last January. Our sausage has been gone for months. Next time, more sausage!

Since we weren’t able to get our fencing in AGAIN this year, I bought grass fed burger from the Rocking H Ranch in Norwood all summer. I plan to keep doing that until we have our OWN beef.

We supplement with deer as well. Bryon got two this year and our friends bought one of them (paid for the processing). We had it made into breakfast sausage this time which has turned out suprisingly well. It could have been a bit spicier but we’ll know next time. We were eating it in ziti the other night and Bryon pointed out that our deer was most likely NOT organic.

I hadn’t even thought about that but he’s right. The WILD deer he killed that has foraged off the land for the past two to five years has more than likely eaten a goodly quantity of Monsanto genetically modified and Roundup Ready corn and soybeans from our neighbors fields. In fact, our closest neighbor is BEGGING hunters to come and kill his deer. He figures they’ve eaten close to four entire rows from one field which accounts for several bushels of corn which to a small farmer translates into dollars lost.

I think that’s just nuts. A WILD and NATURAL animal that could not even be stamped organic because it’s diet has been corrupted by Monsanto.

What’s next?


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