>Candy Negotiations

>Grace turned 5 on Oct. 23 and of course immediately started collecting more candy. It is so the Candy Season. I’m afraid she totally has my sweet tooth. Fortunately for me she’s EXTREMELY generous AND prefers the hard, sweet and sour candies to the gooey chocolate that I love.

She also knows I like the “YELLOW” candies (not banana though). She constantly scours through her birthday and Halloween stash to trick or treat me with chocolate. Is that a good deal or WHAT!

I’ve always told her she can have TWO pieces of candy a day and many mornings she’ll go to her stash and pick out what she’s going to have after school and lay it out on the counter. We Medley girls don’t miss many meals OR snacks and like to plan ahead!

A few days after her birthday I was on the computer and she came in and said, “Mama, I have a good idea, how about now since I’m FIVE, I get THREE pieces of candy a day…since now I’M FIVE!?!”

How can you argue with that logic?

I said yes. Daddy says he would have said NO but I figure for one thing she’s using good negotiation skills and for two, the candy will just be gone that much faster. It’s the same logic that allows me to justify eating an entire box of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies in a day. I asked Bryon one time if it was bad if I just ate the entire row of cookies. He said, “You’re going to eat them sometime right?”.

Yes, Yes I am.


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