>Scooby Dooby Doo


The birthday party was a big hit Saturday. I worked on the cake for 4 1/2 hours on Friday and it turned out pretty good. I did have a few problems… mainly that you should definitely put ALL three ingredients into the cake. If you leave one out (namely oil) it will STILL be a cake but it will NOT be the same. Good thing I had THREE cake mixes on hand. The second time around turned out much better and I used the last mix to make cupcakes.

The other thing I learned is you should mix up twice as much icing in every color as you think you MIGHT need because you CAN NOT match BROWN again. I had enough of the first batch of brown to do the entire top of the cake but had to mix more for the sides and it was just not right.

This cake seemed much more difficult than the school bus or the cow cake. I’m hoping next year’s theme is just chocolate sheet cake 🙂

I’ll probably have euphoric recall by then though 🙂

We ended up with 17 kids plus one parent for each child and the grand parents. It was a gang of folks. We had a whole Scooby Doo mystery planned with clues and everything. The gist was that a sneak thief (Bryon in disguise) had stolen the presents

and the kids had to look for clues, play games and solve the mystery. We had six clues and 5 games which included pin the tail on the Scooby…

A Mummy Wrap…

Musical Chairs…

A Ghost Stomp…

And a pinata break…

The last clue led them into the cabin to catch the thief and find the presents!

When he let them pull off his disguise, he said, “And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids!”

At one point, Bryon was sneaking through the woods so the kids could catch glimpses of him and about half of them took off chasing him! He had to turn it on to outrun them! They loved it.

After the bulk of the kids had left, the rest of us had chili cheese dogs for supper and we were all in bed by 9 pm. We lucked out with absolutely PERFECT weather. I don’t know HOW we could have done it all inside…

Life is good.


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