>Drama Queen


Grace is the Queen of Drama and Hypochondria at our house lately. It’s hard to know when she’s really sick or hurt because EVERY LITTLE THING requires a band aid or medicine of some sort. I’ve tried to use some placebos when I can and honey instead of cough syrup but most of the time she’s too clever to let that slide.

She’s pretty sure if it doesn’t come out of a bottle it’s NOT medicine. Every day she comes home with one or more band aids from school. I’ve already bought two boxes and sent them to her class the first month because I knew where we were headed.

I told her she was going to have to be a doctor when she grows up so she can tend to all her ailments. Seriously, I don’t know where she gets this from. WE are not that way. At least I don’t think we are. Are we?

She’s defiantly got her own little mind.

Thursday night she said her back itched and I looked and didn’t see anything. I tried to just put lotion on it and make her think that would solve the problem. She wouldn’t let me and it didn’t so I finally had to put a little bit of Cortaid on it. Honestly, I didn’t see ANYTHING! Not even a red spot.

Another day last week she came home and said she had a fever and that she was sick. Well, Bryon had sent her to school in a sweater (mercifully he dresses her every morning for me so at least THAT drama is reduced). It had turned out to be a warm day. I was warm too. I took her temperature twice and told her she did NOT have a fever. She still said she was sick. So I told her at 5 pm that if she was so sick she should go put her jammies on and lay down. She did and laid down on out bed and watch Scooby Doo. Then later, after she harassed me until I took her temperature again, she was digging around the candy dish for candy corns. I told her if she was sick she couldn’t eat candy.

Curiously, she suddenly became well enough to eat some candy.

When Daddy got home she played up her sad little condition to him and he basically told her the same things. A little later she wanted to wrestle with him and he told her if she was sick they couldn’t wrestle. Well let’s just say she had a miraculous recovery and wasn’t “sick” any more. I think she’s down at Nurse Cheryl’s office several times a week for various ailments.

She did develop a cough last week and we finally broke down and gave her some cough drops and cough syrup. Then yesterday when Mom picked her up from school to stay with her for the weekend, she had some red bumps on her belly and back.

Chicken pox? Allergy? Who knows. Mom asked her if they itched and of course then they did. You have to be VERY careful not to ask leading questions because she knows what the answers SHOULD be if she’s sick.

Mom didn’t know if she had a fever or not but she felt warm and of course became more pathetic with the more sympathy she received. Mom gave her some Tylenol just in case before bed and she slept the entire night with no coughs or problems. Mom said she had about 17 little red “spots” on her but wasn’t trying to itch them so I don’t know what’s going on.

Red spots are hard to fake though.

Her 5th birthday party is next Saturday, so hopefully all will be well by then either way.

It’s hard to believe the sky is falling when it falls so frequently.


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