Not much going on around here lately. Just the regular, work, school, home, work, school, home, work, school, home.

You get the idea. Bryon did get most of the garden cleaned out. Gary got the lawn mowed (maybe for the last time of the season) and yesterday we got more than FIVE inches of rain. Crazy. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if it had been cold enough for SNOW or ICE. Ugggg!

We sold our pellet stove and are on the lookout now for a larger one. I’m thinking we’d better hurry it up!

I bought three pumpkins at the Evil Empire (Wal-Mart) and we carved them up Monday night. I did the cat, Bryon and Grace did the ghost and Bryon did the bat. I thought they turned out GREAT!

I had to work late Tuesday night and when I got home they were all three out on the front porch glowing like crazy for me to see. It was cool šŸ™‚

We’ve all been playing hide the orange rubber spider. So far I’ve found it in the zuchinni muffin container, on top of my soap in the shower and inside a pumpkin. Grace can barely contain herself and keep from telling us where it’s lying in wait. I hid it on her toothpaste in her bathroom and she hid it in Daddy’s underwear drawer.

As soon as Bryon get’s home he usually goes and changes out of his scrubs, so the other night, immediately after he walked in the door Grace asked him if he was going to go change his panties. Bryon said boys don’t WEAR panties, they wear undies. She wasn’t detered and suggested AGAIN that he should change his panties. He did. He found the yellow spider and the whole hide and seek started over again.

It’s been pretty fun. You never know where it might turn up next!


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