>Look who’s coming to dinner…


I picked up the second batch of broilers last Wednesday and the picture above was of the little guys fresh from the hatchery and not even quite one day old yet. If you wonder just how FAST they grow…the picture below is them today at 10 days old.

It’s insane. They’ll probably be ready to put outside by next weekend at this rate. I’m already ready for them TO GO outside. I can hear them cheeping in the garage in the middle of the night from our bedroom and I have to keep the garage door down all the time so Ruger won’t get them. He’s a mess.

I’ve been surfing the internet for electric poultry netting too. I think that might be the next plan I try with them. It would be nice to be able to let my hens out more too without worrying about Ruger, or bobcats, or coyotes or COUGARS or WHATEVER else might be out there in the wild woods.

And YES Virginia, they are the Cornish Crosses. Sigh.

Things around the farm have slowed down lately. The garden has gone to hell in a hand basket with the squirrels taking ALL of the tomatoes. I’m thinking electrified poultry netting might cut down on THAT problem too. Of course with $200 of fencing plus a charger around it those tomatoes are going to get pretty expensive. At this point it’s just a battle of wills and money. I have the will and I can get the money. Squirrels only have the will. Pity the squirrel. Or fry it maybe. Yeah, I’m voting for fry it.


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