>Dakota Day 2

26 Jul

>We finally got to our KOA last night around 10 pm mountain time after stops at the Corn Palace, the Badlands and Wall Drug.

We were beat! Grace did awesome and didn't complain the entire time.

We travelled with the Shockley's most of the way but they stayed i Kadoka and saved the Badlands for this morning.

This morning Grace and Bryon went dow the KOA waterslide and did the pool. Grace was really excited to go down the water slide but she got stuck just about 30 ft down it and panicked. I was fully clothed at the top and Bryon was waiting in the water below to catch her. She stood up and I yelled at her to SIT DOWN and wiggle until she broke loose. She just started crying and I thought I was going to have to launch myself down the slide to dislodge her but I talked a very helpful and self assured 9 year old girl into doing it for me. She spread out her arms and legs so she'd go slow and got up to Grace and helped her onto her mat, threw the other mat behind her and down they came.

I told her she was a great girl. She sure was good in a clinch!

We met up with the Shockleys and headed to Deadwood and Sturgis (neither one very exciting really). Ihad a terrible headache and had to go back and crash for a couple of hours while Grace and Daddy went swimming again.

We ended the day with steaks at the Bumpin Buffalo in Hill City. Mine was a buffalo sirloin and was delish!

Home to the KOA to bed for us all.

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