>South Dakota. Bound!

>We are off! Left at 4 am from Nana's house in Bolivar, met up with the Shockey's in Collins and we are on our way! Nana and Grace are settled into the back seat and Bryon's at the wheel.

We left Grandpa Gary home on the farm to hold down the fort. He said his goal was to keep everything alive that we left alive. That seems reasonable enough.

Grace is super excited!! It's going to be a long day today but when we are there, we'll be there.

Shockleys are stopping and spending the night halfway so we'll meet back up with them on Sunday. The Theissen's are heading out behind us later today too. If we had tried to PLAN a vacation together it would never had worked but in a happy coincidence we'll all get to spend some vacation time together now.

We'll be in SD up by Sturgis one week before the big bike rally. Grace may get an eyefull of education along the way of the biker kind. She does love her some motorcycles though! We'll just have to keep her out of the tattoo parlors.

I'll just apologoze in advance for and typos … I am typing with my thumbs you know 🙂

Wally World here we come!


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