>Whoa Nellie!


So I’m sitting in my chair in the house Friday afternoon, reading my book while the family is upstairs watching movies and messing around when I catch something out of the corner of my eye and this is what I see…

Five horses walking around our pond and getting a drink.

We don’t HAVE any horses.

These are rogues.

Two years ago after the big ice storm we had two horses in the yard one day. I figured trees had fallen across someone’s fence and they had escaped. We saw them for a couple of days and then never again. We never heard who they belonged to or knew where they had come from.

Then Friday as we headed to town we saw them again up by the Craig’s old place. One inside the fence and one outside the fence munching on our grassy field.

I went out with some tomatoes to try to coax them closer but Ruger decided to make an appearance about the same time so they all scurried of into the woods.

Bryon was out riding the new natural gas line on the four wheeler this afternoon and said that they had cut fences everywhere for that new line. That probably accounts for three of them. I think those other two have been loose for two years now. One of them was REALLY skinny. If we had a fence, we’d have horses now.



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