>True End of TV Drought


I ended my tv drought this past weekend with at a 12 hour marathon of TrueBlood. It was AWESOME!

I made it 40 days without watching television – at all. Okay, there was that ONE night when we had tornados in the area and I just really need Ron Hearst and Brandon Beck to tell me what to expect when the Big T’s are rolling around the countryside.

So what did I learn from 40 days without television?

1. That I could NOT watch it if I really wanted to.
2. That there is a lot of CRAP on television and silence (as if our house ever is) or at least music is preferrable to CRAP.
3. That life lasts longer, or seems to, when it’s not divided up into 30 minute intervals with commercial breaks.
4. That I still can’t read anymore than I usually get read because clothes still need washed, supper still needs made and Grace still needs a bath.
5. That I still like my shows and find them relaxing to watch.

So was it worth hit? Yeah I think so. Sort of like teaching high school, riding the Katy Trail and childbirth…been there, done that and didn’t buy but one t-shirt. I can mark it off the list….



One thought on “>True End of TV Drought

  1. >You are too funny! I saw Bryon on TV tonight, he did a good job! My TV is always on but I have read 17 novels this summer so I must be a great multitasker! I got the new Evanovich today too but my MIL is coming so I must not pick it up until house is ready!


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