>The heat is on!


I am a slug.

I am FULL of ambition, ideas and plans right up until the moment the mercury reaches around 90 degrees and suddenly it all evaporates…literally. About this time of the year, EVERY year, I start dreaming of moving to a cooler climate…permanently. Missouri is not kind to the fair weather girl I’ve become.

But, we are settled, set, entrenched and I wouldn’t give up my house and farm now for anything. So as long as the air conditioner keeps working, I’ll keep creeping out to do the few things I HAVE TO outside to keep things limping along until relief comes again.

I even put a fan out in the chicken house. It’s almost 100 degrees in there and one of the Buff’s is sitting on fertilized eggs! This is day 11 for her and apparently if all goes well in 21 days, we could, SHOULD have baby chicks. Charity brought the eggs up from her farm next door since I had a broody hen and she had the fertilized eggs. So which does come first? Hmmmm.

Anyway, I was feeling sorry for her sitting in there sweating her feathers off and put a little fan in there. It did help. Still hot but at least the air is moving around.

We’ll see what happens. They are Rhode Island Reds if they hatch out. I’m not sure what the plan is when they do, but I’ve been thinking of getting Bryon to build me a little chicken hut to attach to the chicken tractor so she and the chicks can use it and keep them separated from the other hens. I’m not sure how or if they would all get along.

Hmmmm…see how optimistic the air conditioning makes me…more projects!


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