>Grace Funnies

>It takes FOREVER for me to get Grace to bed. Bryon and I take turns every other night. He gets her to bed in about 15 minutes. It takes me at least 30 minutes. We read two library books and then rock a little bit and finally I get her into bed. Then she needs a drink of water…and covered up a little more…and needs to tell me something. Working the Mama.

When I’m done rocking her she ALWAYS says, “Just a liiitttlllee bit more”. So I rock for like thirty seconds and tell her it’s time.

Friday night I thought I’d get smart and warn her ahead of time and bypass the last minute plea of more time. I said, “Okay Grace, I’m going to rock you one more minute and then it’s right to bed.” We rocked a minute more and I said, “Okay, give me a kiss, it’s time for bed.” She says, “No, I say a little bit more.” I said, “No I SAY now.” We argued back a forth for a few more volleys and finally as I’m scooping her up and into bed she puts her hand over her eyes exaperated and says all weepily, “I’m about to tell my teacher on you!”.

I guess Ms Dana was the highest authority she could think to report me to.

At least she didn’t tattle to Jesus.


One thought on “>Grace Funnies

  1. >Funny story. There will be a day when you have to beg and plead for kisses. (This is where I am now). When I finally do have a chance to give Kman a kiss he wipes it off! Funny.


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