>Pecking Perpetrator?

I think this Buff Orphington is the egg pecking perpetrator. She got all broody last summer (or at least I THINK it was her, both of the Buff’s look alike to me) and now she is broody again. She just sits and sits in that nesting box facing the wall on nothing at all except for some flattened down pine shavings.

I keep checking under her for eggs but she’s not even sitting on any anymore AND ever since she got so broody… no eggs have gotten pecked on the end. She’s not laying right now either so I’m not exactly sure what is going on except that she seems to be in some sort of motherhood meltdown longing for a brood.

If I had some fertilized eggs I’d put them under her to see what would happen.

I think the Buffs are going to make the best mothers. I’ll probably eventually replace all my layers with the Buffs. Buffs are good for meat OR eggs because they become pretty hefty chickens. NOT like those Cornish Crosses but still, they are very significant birds. And cute. Cute is good on the farm.

THIS is our strawberry patch…

or should I say CLOVER patch. I totally lost control of it last summer and we didn’t get the new bed built in time to move the strawberry plants. Grace looks everyday for berries and has managed to pick a handful or two but mostly it’s just clover. Which, it turns out, is GREAT for my chickens so all and all it’s really not that bad a deal. I go out there a couple of times a day in an effort to “weed” it (obviously not working) and feed a few big handfuls to the hens who absolutely LOVE it. I planted some Omega 3 mix from Peaceful Valley (which consists of Consists of: 20% Common Flax, 5% Ladino Clover, 5% Birdsfoot Broadleaf Trefoil, 10% Non-dormant Alfalfa, 20% Red Cowpeas, 40% Buckwheat) around the outside of their run to feed them as well since they are a captive audience now.

They see me coming with it and follow me all around the chicken run to the door waiting impatiently for me to throw it in to them.

Clover, it’s what’s for dinner.

Of course we are not lacking in clover in our yard either. I like it though. We might not be able to tip toe through the tulips but we can clod through the clover.


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